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Qubes OS and 3mdeb 'minisummit' 2019

Published at August 7, 2019 · Piotr Król ·  8 min read

In May we had pleasure to meet Marek Marczykowski-Górecki #QubesOS Project Lead in 3mdeb office in Gdańsk. We dicussed various #QubesOS, #Xen, #firmware, #coreboot, #security and #TPM related topics. Results of that "minisummit" was presented in following blog post....

Categories: firmware os-dev security

ESP8266 - quick guide for embedded C developers

Published at July 24, 2019 · Łukasz Łaguna ·  6 min read

Would you like to start the Internet of Things adventure, but you don't know exactly how? There's no better chip to play with IoT than ESP8266. If you would like to learn how to program it in C then this article is for you....

Categories: firmware iot

How to safely update your firmware - fwupd and LVFS to the rescue!

Published at July 11, 2019 · Artur Raglis ·  7 min read

Many people come out of the mistaken belief that changing the firmware is a very complicated task and fears that they can "brick" their platform or personal computer. Others do not know where to find matching updates. There is a simple answer - meet fwupd with LVFS....

Categories: firmware security

The smallest Embedded Linux System - Yocto vs Buildroot

Published at June 26, 2019 · Łukasz Łaguna ·  4 min read

Fully working Linux based system below 5 MB. Is it even possible? It turns out that yes. What's more, you can get even lower values! Comparison of results obtained with Yocto and Buildroot....

Categories: os-dev

Hummingboard Pulse - first impression

Published at June 12, 2019 · Tomasz Żyjewski ·  5 min read

In this post, we will take a look at one of the SolidRun product - the HummingBoard Pulse. After power up the board we will try to boot operating system on it....

Categories: firmware

MuxPi - surprisingly powerful validation kit

Published at June 7, 2019 · Artur Raglis ·  6 min read

Wish to start real hardware and firmware testing? This post is what you are looking for! Start your validation journey with MuxPi testing board. Easy setup, rich user interface, full remote control over Device Under Test and much more...

Categories: manufacturing miscellaneous

Meltdown and Spectre on PC Engines apu2

Published at May 29, 2019 · Michał Żygowski ·  9 min read

As a continuation the Meltdown and Spectre blog post, this post present the vulnerability status and mitigation with microcode update on PC Engines apu2. Read the post and get to know the open source tools for vulnerability and mitigation checks, as well as exploiting proof of concepts....

Categories: firmware security

Reproducible builds

Published at May 22, 2019 · Krystian Hebel ·  3 min read

Recently we made sure that every build of PC Engines' firmware is built in a reproducible manner. This short post shows what exactly does it mean and why this should be important to firmware developers....

Categories: firmware

Building and running Bareflank

Published at May 15, 2019 · Krystian Hebel ·  13 min read

In this second post of a series, we will build and start our first hypervisor. It won't do much just yet, but it is good to get known with its build system....

Categories: firmware


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