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Łukasz Wcisło

Quantum Chemist, Historian, Psychologist, Copywriter, and a fabulous singer. Keen on AI algorithms and prime numbers, proficient in Robot Framework and Python. Will find a way to prove, that something doesn’t work. Always.

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Articles (2)

The Bit Bang Theory with RTE

Published at May 8, 2019 ·  4 min read

RTE used to control tested devices could be used as a programmer. But RTE doesn't have SWD interface, which is crucial. We tried to walk around this using Bit Banging method....

Categories: firmware manufacturing miscellaneous

USB Sniffing With OpenVizsla

Published at April 24, 2019 ·  11 min read

OpenVizsla allows to passively monitor the communication between a USB host and USB peripheral. It is a tool for developers working with USB and especially those who are using USB in embedded designs. We have tested its possible use cases and see it is really valuable, and has a lot of potential for further development....

Categories: miscellaneous security