3mdeb roadmap for August 2019

The roadmap for August 2019 looks as busy as always. Altogether with everyday development tasks, we have started preparations for upcoming conferences such as OSFC'19. 3mdeb will work on many interesting projects - check out plans for each 3mdeb’s department below.

Embedded Systems Team

3mdeb Embedded Systems team apart from regular Embedded Linux / Yocto consultancy and development is working on NXP Layerscape board and analyzing interesting QUIC protocol for usage on Embedded Linux platforms. This includes technologies such as:

  • Linux kernel
  • U-Boot
  • devices tree
  • QUIC transport layer

Firmware Team

3mdeb Firmware Team is working on:

  • enabling brand new features in PC Engines apu2 firmware:
    • persistent bootorder
    • runtime configuration using VPD
    • offline binary customization for maintained open-source platforms
  • analysis of the current FIDO solutions

This includes technologies such as:

  • coreboot
  • libpayload
  • Bareflank
  • hypervisors

Validation Team

3mdeb Validation Team is carrying out the Yocto performance measurement for Raspberry Pi Zero W and Raspberry Pi 3 A+ and prepares manual and automated tests for:

  • wireless multimedia streaming devices
  • firmware stability and new feature validation of PC Engines binary releases
  • connectivity and operating with IoT gateway

This includes technologies such as:

  • RobotFramework
  • Python
  • Node.js
  • MQTT
  • AWS Services


If you think we can help in improving the security of your firmware or you looking for someone who can boost your product by leveraging advanced features of used hardware platform, feel free to book a call with us or drop us email to contact<at>3mdeb<dot>com. If you are interested in similar content feel free to sign up for our newsletter.

Artur Raglis
Project Manager and former Test Automation TL. More and more enthusiastic about open source family. Thrilled to learn the latest trends in the world of project management. Loves the good Sci-Fi literature and automation of the boring stuff

Łukasz Wcisło
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