Kamila Banecka

Junior firmware tester and a linguist. Eager to acquire new language skills of both programming and natural sources. Huge fan of Natural Language Processing.

Articles (3)

Qubes OS & 3mdeb 'minisummit' 2020 summation

Published at June 17, 2020 ·  8 min read

The second Qubes OS & 3mdeb minisummit is ahead of us. We had gone through four evenings of topics devoted to Qubes OS, so it is time for broad summation of the event....

Categories: firmware miscellaneous security

Qubes OS and 3mdeb 'minisummit' 2020

Published at May 15, 2020 ·  5 min read

Once again, we will meet on QubesOs & 3mdeb minisummit 2020 discussing #QubesOS, #firmware, #coreboot, #security and #TPM related topics. All the event details are presented in the following blog post....

Categories: firmware miscellaneous security

Tools and ideas that keep us behind the wheel while working remotely.

Published at April 28, 2020 ·  4 min read

Remote working has different game rules than office. In this post I will present you how our team deals with the current situation and what tools help us to manage effectively....

Categories: miscellaneous