coreboot Fundamentals Training

coreboot Fundamentals Training

It’s hard to find a reliable source from which developers could draw and quickly acquire knowledge substantial for fluent cooperation with coreboot. Relying on official documentation and extensive practice is obviously the best way to become proficient – we went this way ourselves – unfortunately, it is time-consuming, especially when the new employee is joining the team and he needs to be quickly introduced with the coreboot-based project. Based on years of experience, vast knowledge, and a passion towards open source solutions, we’ve responded to this need by providing reliable and professional training that covers essential basics. We are proud of the way we’ve managed to hammer out years of experience into modular, easy-to-follow 4-hours training. In this new blogpost series we will be publishing coreboot fundamentals mini-course equipped with coreboot essentials. coreboot Fundamentals Training is the first step of 3mdeb Firmware Training path. It provides solid grounds for further development towards proficiency in coreboot firmware platform enginering.



Most modern platforms require closed-source BIOS for booting purposes. However, BIOS is not featured by flexibility and easiness in supporting custom hardware or maintenance. coreboot performs absolutely minimal hardware initialization before kernel boot, what makes it much faster than BIOS. It supports online updates, allows for SSH connections to load the kernel and by being open source provides full insight of it’s intestines and by that enhancing security. All these features make users trust coreboot more than BIOS provided by hardware vendors.

Do as much as needed, then jump straight payload.

– coreboot.

Why worthy

The training will give you an insight into coreboot firmware platform, defining basics of platform boot process. You will learn how to build it’s image and gain practical knowledge about customization, project structure and a source code. What about practice? We will show you how to reprogram SPI flash with only built coreboot binary file. coreboot miniseries will start on our blogpost right next week, but if you are interested in the full-time course, take advantage of our pre-sale and get 30% discount for coreboot training fundamentals.

Why with Us

If you are reading our blogposts on regular basis, you have presumably known most of our team or at least it’s vast embedded knowledge. Our developers are not only knitting high quality firmware, they are also likely to share their experience by developing Embedded Firmware Training Program. We’ve been through a long way developing and working on coreboot. It is a high time, to pass on our experience in this field to support and shorten a long path of gaining proficiency with coreboot. Even more eagerly, having in mind that there is no reliable coreboot training available at all.


Training Overview

  • coreboot basics

  • coreboot boot process

  • coreboot building

  • running coreboot in QEMU

I am an embedded engineer. What is your superpower?

A path of Embedded Firmware Engineering is not an easy one to follow. It not only forces the constant need of self-development but demands being up-to-date with rapid changes around both; hardware and firmware area. However, gained knowledge gets more and more value over time what provides stable work position with above-average salary and greater recognition inside the industry. Embedded engineer is a kind of a hybrid that brings together electrical engineering and logic skills of a software programming. His path brings lots of opportunities both in commercial and open ecosystem and even greater satisfacion thanks to the role of mediator between hardware and software worlds. Embedded engineers can be proudly called the alchemists of computing industry.

If you think we can help in improving the security of your firmware or you are looking for a training that can boost your team of developers inside UEFI, coreboot or Yocto area, feel free to book a call with us or drop us email to contact<at>3mdeb<dot>com. If you are interested in similar content feel free to sign up for our newsletter

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