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Artur Raglis

Responsible for test automation, platform validation and all the hardware related to it. Running RTE and OSFV area. Main technologies he’s focused on are Python, RobotFramework and C++.

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Articles (4)

How to safely update your firmware - fwupd and LVFS to the rescue!

Published at July 11, 2019 ·  7 min read

Many people come out of the mistaken belief that changing the firmware is a very complicated task and fears that they can "brick" their platform or personal computer. Others do not know where to find matching updates. There is a simple answer - meet fwupd with LVFS....

Categories: firmware security

RTE v1.1.0 - enhanced remote testing now available!

Published at June 21, 2019 ·  4 min read

Get familiar with new RTE revision - what has been changed, which features are now more sophisticated and which items have been added to the RTE kit available at our online shop....

Categories: manufacturing miscellaneous

MuxPi - surprisingly powerful validation kit

Published at June 7, 2019 ·  6 min read

Wish to start real hardware and firmware testing? This post is what you are looking for! Start your validation journey with MuxPi testing board. Easy setup, rich user interface, full remote control over Device Under Test and much more...

Categories: manufacturing miscellaneous

PC Engines APU2 platform validation with RTE

Published at September 13, 2018 ·  6 min read

Introduction Remote work is trending nowadays. The best example is the IT industry - purely software tasks with handheld devices allow you to work practically from anywhere. This approach saves a big amount of time and makes a job easier. Unfortunately, as an embedded / firmware developer, there are often situations when interaction with hardware such as a power cycle is required. This leads to a barrier for successful remote work....

Categories: firmware