RTE v1.1.0 - enhanced remote testing now available!


Today we are happy to announce the new version of Remote Testing Environment product - welcome RTE v1.1.0!

After using RTE over a year at 3mdeb in everyday tasks regarding validation and developing firmware for various platforms, we have noticed more and more missing features in the presented Orange Pi Hat. Furthermore, we have received valuable feedback from our customers and we have addressed all requested hardware and software upgrades. In result, we have achieved product that is even more universal and capable of controlling and flashing wider range of computer platforms.

What’s new?

Brand new RTE (previously v1.0.0) has been improved mostly from the hardware perspective:

  • SPI Vcc pin has been populated - power is now supplied to the SPI Vcc connector
  • RTE is now compatible with 1.8V logic levels
  • user can enable/disable SPI Vcc on demand:
GPIO406 (OC_OUT1) state SPI Vcc
0 - low disabled (by default)
1 - high enabled
  • user can choose the voltage level for Vcc SPI - either 1.8 or 3.3 V:
GPIO405 (OC_OUT2) state SPI Vcc voltage level
0 - low 1.8 V (by default)
1 - high 3.3 V
  • user can enable/disable SPI lines (some platforms have problems when booting with SPI wires connected):
GPIO404 (OC_OUT3) state SPI lines (MOSI/MISO/CS/SCLK)
0 - low disabled (by default)
1 - high enabled
  • OC buffers GPIO header (J11) is reduced from 12 to 9 pin. accordingly to the GPIO404-406 new control feature,
  • new UART header (J18) has been added - USB/UART external converters are not required anymore!
  • user can choose whether RS232 DB9 port (J14) or UART header (J18) is enabled for serial communication by setting jumpers on UART OUTPUT SELECT header (J16):
Jumper position (TX and RX) Serial communication enabled
RS232 + COM RS232 DB9 port (J14)
EXT + COM 3.3V UART header (J18)


  • eliminated issue with J6 USB port (unreliable detection of USB devices)
  • smaller capacitors were applied near MAX3232 SOIC
  • added LED indicator (D5) for relay state information
  • added easy accessible reset button (SW1) for resetting the RTE board


  • added Open hardware icon on PCB board


Upgraded full kit

We came to the conclusion that shop kit options for RTE are obsolete and should be removed - link. From now on there is only one possible set to buy - the full one with all required elements for development and testing devices. Moreover, we have expanded kit with M3 plastic spacers, set of jumpers (serial communication header) and Pomona 8-pin SOIC clip with 8 connection wires for flashing firmware on platforms without SPI header.

To sum up, full kit costs now 93€ and includes:

Category Description Quantity
shield Remote Testing Environment v1.1.0 1
control unit Orange Pi Zero 256MB RAM version 1
power supply MicroUSB 5V/2A 1
storage SanDisk 16GB microSD card (with preinstalled compatible system) 1
clip Pomona 8-pin SOIC clip for Device Under Test SPI interface 1
cables standard female-female connection wire 2.56mm raster 8
cables IDC 8-pin wires for Device Under Test SPI interface 1
cables DC Jack - DC Jack power cable for Device Under Test 1
cables RS232 D-Sub 9P/9P cable for serial communication 1
jumpers jumper for UART OUTPUT SELECT header 2
spacers Polyamide M3 spacers and bolts 4


Don’t hesitate and check out our RTE product on the 3mdeb-shop where you can find more information about Orange Pi Zero shield or read about products related to platform security such as Trusted Platform modules.

If you think that RTE is the product that You are looking for, but missing something crucial for your project or that we can help in improving the security of your firmware or you looking for someone who can boost your product by leveraging advanced features of used hardware platform, feel free to book a call with us or drop us email to contact<at>3mdeb<dot>com. If you are interested in similar content feel free to sign up for our newsletter.

Artur Raglis
Project Manager and former Test Automation TL. More and more enthusiastic about open source family. Thrilled to learn the latest trends in the world of project management. Loves the good Sci-Fi literature and automation of the boring stuff