How to begin with coreboot

About a month ago I started my adventure with coreboot. As coreboot home page says “coreboot is a Free Software project aimed at replacing the proprietary BIOS (firmware) found in most computers”. Although I read the majority of materials from mentioned page I still suffered from a lack of basic information that would help me to arrange everything in my head. Therefore, I decided to write a series of posts described my actions associated with this interesting project. At the beginning I would recommend some interesting sources of information on coreboot:

  • - If you’re impatient and want to start as soon as possible
  • Coreboot videos - One of the easiest ways to obtain general information about the project
  • Start to understand - I found this page by accident while googling materials, thanks to its author I understood basics and found out what’s next
  • Documentation - Many different types of documents, a large proportion of them are not applying to the latest version of coreboot v4, however, still has a educational value.

After reviewing the above materials, you should understand the basics of coreboot. In the next post I will describe flashrom application and my experience with one of the old motherboard.

Piotr Król
Founder and Embedded Systems Consultant at 3mdeb as well as freelance CTO of Vitro Technology and CEO of LPN Plant. Passionate about building firmware that enables advanced hardware features in modern products. Dedicated to customers that treat embedded software security and upgradeability as forethought. Open source firmware evangelist interested in platform security and trusted computing. In favor of fixed price projects with a clear definition of success.