Our contribution to coreboot 4.20 release

The open-source community is delighted about the latest coreboot release, version 4.20. It’s a great time as we see this open-source firmware framework continue development and improvement, particularly from the perspective of our dedicated contributors and Dasharo customers and supporters. Here’s what you need to know about the changes in this release.

Our Valued Contributors

Firstly, we’d like to acknowledge the hard work of our contributors, who continuously strive to enhance the coreboot project:

They’ve made significant contributions to various aspects of this project. Their input ranges from fine-tuning and debugging existing features to implementing new ones and revamping core aspects of the firmware. We express our gratitude for their efforts.

Significant Updates and Features

While there’s a myriad of changes in the coreboot 4.20 release, you can find details in release notes, a few stand out due to their potential value for the community.

3mdeb has actively contributed to this release as part of Dasharo Support Package product and Dasharo Community Support sponsored through Dasharo newsletter subscription and merchandise, as seen in the number of commits, mainly through our work in:

  • Mainboard and SoC Support: We added and improved support for Protectli mainboards based on Intel Elkhart Lake, Alder Lake SoCs. Added support to dump GPIOs on Jasper Lake SoC.
  • Documentation: coreboot’s documentation was updated, particularly in the Dasharo description and Trusted Platform Module (TPM) options.
  • TPM Security: New log formats compliant with the 2.0 and 1.2 specs and Kconfig-configurable PCR usage.
  • VT-d: The VT-d subsystem now has a new DMA protection API, which we integrated into Alder Lake’s functionality.
  • EDK2 Payload: Users can now clone the edk2-platforms repository.
  • Bug Fixes: Multiple fixes in different areas, such as Intel Elkhart Lake’s GPIO and Makefiles.
  • Power9: We refactored the code to enhance readability and maintainability.
  • Additional features: A speaker beep function and updated USB port macros.

Contribution details


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