OSF vPub (vBeer) - what a fun event!

vBeer v2 poster

The primary theme of our 2nd OSF vPub (7th May) - was the OSF and OSHW synergy with OpenISA: in example, we have explored the software freedom of RISC-V implementations and new devices such as BeagleV. RISC-V is attractive to the people who aren’t satisfied with the software freedom problems of the more popular architectures such as x86. And it’s essential to ensure that this emerging platform is going in the right way and figure out how can we help.

Among our many close friends from all over the world who found the time to join us, it was a great honour to be visited by Richard Stallman - who shared lots of worthy ideas (such as having a roadmap & status pages) to assist the liberation of RISC-V. Many people (myself included!) were happy to discuss with RMS, - and we at 3mdeb will try to invite more such prominent guests to our future events.

Also there was a lot of exciting talk about LibreSOC, ULX3S board, Chips4Makers, Coriolis, Skywater PDK, Sandsifter, OpenBook, PowerPC Notebook, Precursor, Open Security Training, OpenXT, OpenBMC, Pinephone and many other wonderful projects that can be surely of your interest (please check the links!). Overall, our gathering was a great opportunity not just to spend a nice time in a cosy atmosphere, but also to learn more about the open/libre software, firmware and hardware, - and the security benefits these projects are bringing to the people.

In addition, we have analyzed the results of our “Ideal platform for coreboot training” survey. Many people believe that such a platform should be affordable, developer-friendly (with easy flashing and serial logs gathering), conveniently small form-factor (preferably without sacrificing the repairability) and not necessarily x86 considering its limitations and the emerging new architectures.

If you are interested in those topics, or would like to contribute your own topics for the 3rd vPub (i.e. about your project related to OSF/OSHW/Open ISA): feel free to reach us out by writing to contact@3mdeb.com. And to avoid missing the next events, sign up to our newsletter or visit 3mdeb events calendar. If you would like a live chat, write to @mikebdp2 on Wire messenger - and I will add you to our OSF vPub group.

Mike Banon
Open Source Community Manager of 3mdeb. Is really passionate regarding the open-source software and firmware: loves to help the people with their related questions and to advance the causes of open source in general.