OSF vPub (vBeer) - what a fun event!

Our meeting has been attended by ~50 firmware masters from all over the world!

Together with our prominent 3mdeb hosts - Piotr Król and Michał Żygowski - it was an honour to be visited by such rockstars as Thierry Laurion from Insurgo, Tom Hiller aka Thrilleratplay, Daniel Maslowski aka CyReVolt, Piotr Kubaj, Andrew Cooper, Felix Singer, David Hendricks, and many others whom I forgot to mention (sorry!) - or who preferred to stay anonymous and participate via chat.

We’ve also had some surprise guests: despite being the relative newcomers to our cosy community, they have managed to ignite quite an interesting discussion! Alexey Vazhnov described how tricky could it be to get merged the coreboot docs, and we’ve thought about how to improve this workflow & make this process easier.

In addition to the fresh coreboot forks like heads & oreboot and new nice GUIs, we’ve tried to figure out how to promote the coreboot for its official support by the PC manufacturers - at least for those with new AMD-based motherboards! And now we know, how we can - even if not “bring a coreboot to every house” - but to significantly spread its' popularity by wisely doing our joint activism.

Also, we’ve talked a lot about the open hardware: for example, two attractive boards from Crowdsupply - ULX3S and Qomu - have a small FPGA for which an opensource toolchain is available. Also, we’ve explored the firmware freedom in a “world without x86”, Talos II workstation with a CPU(s) of POWER9 arch, could POWER10 become as libre as POWER9 regarding the firmware - or would suffer from the extra binary blob for D-DIMM RAM support created by Synopsis, and much more!

Someone indeed brought a real beer! - although, for others, a cup of tea was enough. Our meeting was such interesting and exciting we haven’t noticed how almost 12 hours have passed - “party till the morning!” However, we started getting sleepy - so decided to have a 2nd vPub the next quarter. You’re welcome!

If you are interested in those topics, feel free to reach us out by writing to contact@3mdeb.com and sign up to our newsletter. If you would like a live chat, write to @mikebdp2 on Wire messenger - and I will add you to our OSF vPub group.

Mike Banon
Open Source Community Manager of 3mdeb. Is really passionate regarding the open-source software and firmware: loves to help the people with their related questions and to advance the causes of open source in general.