Yocto Project and its components as the Reference OS for Dasharo

What is Yocto?

The project provides a flexible set of tools and a space where embedded developers worldwide can share technologies, software stacks, configurations, and best practices that can be used to create tailored Linux images for embedded and IOT devices, or anywhere a customized Linux OS is needed.

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Yocto is not an Operating System that you can download and use widely on your devices. It provides the infrastructure Build Tools for creating fully customized operating systems, that can be adjusted to your hardware and it’s purpose. The customization is based on a Layer Model that allows for combining related metadata and isolate information for multiple architecture builds according to their related functionality that can be further added flexibly, as required.

Why Yocto Project is the solution?

When choosing Yocto for your amazing embedded solution, you may be sure that it was a good decision. Yocto is the best choice for the devices that are focused on data processing or networking, by having a variety of distributions. Provides a broad support for serial ports and Ethernet, SSH server, and on-target tools with a full drives support so you don’t have to rely on a third-party solutions.

Yocto is an open source project. Companies are increasingly switching to open source software, as it builds trust in the quality and security, giving full insight into the source code.

Yocto equips developers with flexible tools, but every tool needs experienced hands to hammer a cross-compilation environment. Let us help you! Our talented Yocto developers can take the effort and provide you with a customized result. 3mdeb can professionally select Yocto components that won’t burden your hardware, creating the base for further security and performance boost, that will allow you to save costs.

Let us hammer your operating system

If you need a customized Yocto distribution with a maintenance support for your platform, we can provide you a Yocto Base Image. Created basic system image can be further expanded with improvements and updates (OTA). Within a *10 days we will provide you with a ready-to-use binary image file supported with documentation and the source code on the MIT licence.

Yocto Update System (OTA)

System update is crucial when providing the security layer to your product. That is why we have crafted an extension of the Yocto Base Image product, with an automatic update system. No need for your participation when a new version is released, keeping your solution simply secured.

Yocto Best Practices Audit

Do you need to verify your own Yocto solution? We can perform an analysis of your code suggesting best practices, improvements or support providing updates, maintenance, or bug-fixing. Audit covers the analysis of the current BSP code, list of known vulnerabilities (CVE) in the system software, and valuation of a one-time BSP update or maintenance service

Dasharo Reference OS

Dasharo Reference OS is a Linux distribution crafted using the Yocto Project. It is build using the Yocto products and services provided by the 3mdeb. Some of them are described above. The main goal of the Dasharo Reference OS is to leverage all of the features provided by the given hardware platform and Dasharo firmware. You can use the Dasharo Reference OS to unleash the full potential of your device.

You will likely not use the Dasharo Reference OS in a product directly. Instead, you can use it to verify all of the Dasharo features. It can serve as a reference point of porting those features to your custom OS. You can also always ask us to the work for you.


If you think we can help in improving the security of your firmware or you looking for someone who can boost your product by leveraging advanced features of used hardware platform, feel free to book a call with us or drop us email to contact<at>3mdeb<dot>com. If you are interested in similar content feel free to sign up for our newsletter.

More about Dasharo you can read on our website dasharo.com and on dedicated MkDocs site docs.dasharo.com.

Maciej Pijanowski
Engineering Manager at 3mdeb with years of experience in engineering and management. Open-source software enthusiast and contributor. Interested in embedded systems in general, build systems, security.