Marek Kasiewicz

Junior Firmware Developer at 3mdeb. Always trying to understand how things work at deeper level, keen on learning computer architecture.

Articles (3)

What is IOMMU and how it can be used?

Published at January 13, 2021 ·  6 min read

Welcome to a new blogpost series dedicated to IOMMU. In this article, you can read what IOMMU is and find out if its use may be beneficial for you....

Categories: firmware security

Trenchboot: Xen hypervisor support for the TrenchBoot

Published at October 15, 2020 ·  4 min read

In this blog post, we will describe the development of the Xen hypervisor support for TrenchBoot....

Categories: firmware security

What features PCIe has?

Published at October 8, 2020 ·  7 min read

Introductory blog post to PCIe features. In this article you can read what PCIe capability is and see examples of such capabilities....

Categories: firmware