3mdeb at Embedded World 2019

3mdeb at Embedded World 2019


We are excited to inform You that 3mdeb will take part in embedded world Exhibition & Conference - Embedded World 2019 next week! In place full of enthusiasts You can meet us personally between 26.02-28.02 in Nuremberg, Germany. Come and talk with us about amazing world of embedded systems. We will tell You not only about our work and innovations, but also share our knowledge, help and present to You our products and demos:

  • Remote Testing Environment - Hat designed for Orange Pi Zero board which runs specially crafted Linux distribution using the Yocto Project.
  • TPM2.0 - a Trusted Platform Module is a specialized chip on an endpoint device that stores RSA encryption keys specific to the host system for hardware authentication.
  • MuxPi - a product mainly for developers and testers with the need of automating everyday tasks. It comes with help providing ease of use, distribution and connectivity.
  • Bay Trail FastBoot - the demo is presenting alternative open source firmware - coreboot - in comparison to UEFI implementation on the example of BayTrail platform - MinnowBoard Turbot. Additionally, we present how fast can embedded platform boot with open source firmware compared to official firmware. The platforms are running the same operating system (in UEFI and legacy mode) in multi-user target. The chosen distro is lightweight Solus OS. Using common Linux and coreboot tools, boot times are presented of both firmware implementations.
  • Bare Metal Hypervisor - the demo is presenting one of the features that bare metal hypervisor gives. It is run in edk2 UEFI implementation on MinnowBoard Turbot platform. Hypervisor was written with Bareflank - an open source hypervisor SDK. Depending on the implementation, it can provide an interface for underlying software to control hypervisor’s operation or be completely transparent. This kind of hypervisors use Intel’s VMX (Virtual Machine eXtensions).


You can see the samples of what we have to present here:

Do you feel interested? Then… You can leave us a message or request Your appointment during the exhibition HERE. Can’t wait to see You there! Look for us in Hall 3 / 3-563.


Check out our official site, blog and social media: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, GitHub, stackoverflow.

Marta Szelecka
Intern at 3mdeb Open Source Firmware Validation team.