Tmux multiplexer and vi-like keys in copy-mode

So I tried to write second post for my new blog but to effectively work using terminal I need terminal multiplexer. I switched to tmux from screen because I reach point that I can’t do some things in it in easy way and performance was poor. Also activity of tmux developers is better than for gnu screen. I also experienced annoy buffer crashing especially after come back from lock mode or cmatrix much but after reading few articles about alternative for screen I switched to tmux. It seems that in wheezy(testing) version of tmux is outdated (1.6.2). Last tag on tmux github repo is 1.7 and there is almost 300 additional commits on top of the master branch. Debian unstable contain version 1.7.2 it is pretty new. Awesome thing in tmux is emacs/vi keybiding for copy-mode. It really helps with writing technical articles about linux stuff with this console outputs and logs excerpts. To enable copy-mode in vi like way put to $HOME/.tmux.conf:

# use vi-like keys
setw -g mode-keys vi

Piotr Król
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