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How to download videos from videos.linux.com

Therefore, I’m leaving for the Easter holidays I wanted to download some lecture on embedded systems, which was presented at the 2012 Embedded Linux Conference. Although I regret I found that I could not find as good quality copy in the network as on the Linux Foundation page. It is unfortunate that linux.com site does not have the possibility of direct downloading video files. But there is a workaround. Follow below tutorial:

  • Go to page with video - for example
  • Click play on the video and if you using Chrome browser right click on player window and inspect this element. Result should look like that:

  • Expand div tag marked in red on screenshot above. If video was start you should see video tag which contain two links to video files mp4 and webm. Screen shot below shows hot it should look like:

These links are only temporary, so if you want to use them do it as soon as possible. The sad part of all is that the organization intended to promote one of the most libertarian solutions in software history does not provide materials for download.

Piotr Król
Founder and Embedded Systems Consultant at 3mdeb as well as CTO of vitroTV. Passionate about building firmware that enables advanced hardware features in modern products. Dedicated to customers that treat embedded software security and upgradability as forethought. In favor of fixed price projects with the clear definition of success. Available as freelance CTO for startups and small business.