Improve productivity by tracking work environment with git - preparation

Update: My repository is available here.

Below is first post from series in which I want to describe my experience gained in attempt to enhance my productivity by using git to control the contents of some files in my home directory.

The first step to improve the productivity is good organization of working environment. It happens very often that I work on multiple machines both physical and virtual. Therefore I need a good mechanism to share knowledge, experience, code, configuration and many other things. Configuration described below is only an example that actually fits my way of working. First of all simple concept of directory structure is needed. Let’s start with:

mkdir -p $HOME/workspace/blog;mkdir -p $HOME/workspace/dotfiles
cd workspace

Write some files (i.e. for your blog) with your favourite editor, initialize repository and prepare first commit

git init
git add .;git commit -m "Initial commit for environment tracking"

To avoid information about untracked vim swp files add $HOME/workspace/.gitignore with following content:


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