Set irssi under debian to use freenode server

Very short manual on how to set up irssi to work with freenode servers.
Fist, install irssi:

sudo apt-get install irssi



For freenode write:


Send register command for your {nickname} and add information about your {e-mail}:

/msg nickserv register {nickname} {e-mail}

Copy and paste line, which you get from freenode registration server to your mailbox, to irssi. After that add freenode network:

/network add freenode

Add what should be automaticali send to server after connecting, remeber to correctly write your {nickname} and {password}, password will be stored in plain text:

/network add -autosendcmd '^nick {nickname};/msg nickserv identify {password}' freenode

Auto-connect everytime when irssi will be run:

/server ADD -auto -network freenode 6667

Channel autologin:

/channel ADD -auto #debian freenode

After all we should save settings:


That’s all, enjoy!

Piotr Król
Founder and Embedded Systems Consultant at 3mdeb as well as freelance CTO of Vitro Technology and CEO of LPN Plant. Passionate about building firmware that enables advanced hardware features in modern products. Dedicated to customers that treat embedded software security and upgradeability as forethought. Open source firmware evangelist interested in platform security and trusted computing. In favor of fixed price projects with a clear definition of success.