Flashing eMMC on Hummingboard Edge using fastboot? part 2

Published at March 8, 2019 · Maciej Pijanowski ·  10 min read

fastboot FastBoot protocol is a tool developed for Android, which allows for communicating with bootloaders over USB or Ethernet. U-Boot configuration U-Boot fastboot documentation suggests to set CONFIG_USB_GADGET_(VENDOR_NUM|PRODUCT_NUM|MANUFACTURER). Note that USB_GADGET_VENDOR_NUM and USB_GADGET_PRODUCT_NUM is not related to your actual board, rather it is some dummy id of device which is compatible with fastboot. In this case it is CelkonA88 device from Google. Fastboot client Install fastboot: On Debian-based distros:...

Flashing eMMC on Hummingboard Edge using fastboot? part 1

Published at March 20, 2018 · Maciej Pijanowski ·  8 min read

Introduction Flashing an eMMC of produced board is one of the crucial manufacturing procedures. This post series presents how one can take advantage of i.MX6 features and open source tools to prepare themselves with quite robust and easy to use process. Target reference platform is Hummingboard Edge. General concept The general concept is inspired by this great bootlin (former FreeElectrons) post: I’ve run into some issues while trying to do something similar on Hummingbard Edge, so decided to share my experience....


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