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Kernel developers tools - based on '30 Linux Kernel Developers in 30 Weeks'

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git, cscope, vi, bash, awk, and the rare bout with python. Ubuntu with Unity2D terminal, make, gcc, make me happy. Quilt for patch management, Git or Subversion for source code management. I’m using Nedit SLED for work and openSUSE email client (mutt), and my editor (vim), git and quilt for kernel development, Chrome and Firefox for web browsing, and irssi for irc communication NOME 3 on my desktop, but sometimes get frustrated with it and revert back to OpenBox or i3m Xfce fbcon, vim, and mutt fvwm2 bash shell, joe editor, gcc, make, git Fedora Xfce git, sparse, smatch and spatch joe xterm, emacs, perl, mc and git. i3 Emacs, ocaml, xfce Emacs, Evolution, GNOME 3, Iceweasel (aka Firefox) git, gcc, gmake, bash, perl Thunderbird