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"Democracy: The God That Failed" Hans-Hermann Hoppe

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I began this article last year. Until now I wonder if anyone could be interested in reading about book that I read. I saw great interesting in linux/embedded stuff but what about different things that we met every day. What about politics/economics and religion ? Don’t know if you should start this but I will give it a try.

I’m argue a lot about politics/economics and religion. I don’t have education in this matter but study by myself a little bit. So maybe this is good place for sharing ideas.

So about a year ago I read a book “Democracy: The God That Failed”. I talk a lot about this book with mu colleagues and have to said that some ideas in it are very controversial. One thing is that Hoppe assume some economic facts that are not clear for most people – I agree with most of them, because it is libertarian point of view and right now I’m trying to follow this ideas of freedom.

Hoppe shows that people democracy have to fail because leads to socialism. Increasing number of privileges and promoting average citizen to politics cause system inefficient. So most of this things in my environment are well known and discussion goes to details.

Probably the most shocking for me was concept of totally private security system. Everyone can have guns, missiles, tanks or any other fight equipment he want. Hoppe is an anarcho-capitalist so he doesn’t like state and it’s monopoly on high end weapon. After rethinking twice this concept could be good but IMO through natural evolution we will get companies that would take care about security. Also today we can find some trends in this, many Polish citizen with high wages go to closed residential housing with security, protecting themselves against poor, beggars and drunk junkies.

Second thing that heated debate was that state kills more than anarchy or not organized society. Discussion goes to question: When more people were killed during the Middle Ages, which took quite a long time, or in a few wars started by democratically ruled countries ?

So if we look at wiki article what we can see ? Biggest killers in history are Chinese and they did this in medieval. So not Europe with it Christian crusade and small contention between the principalities ? I will not count Mongolian and Tatar invasion because it took 200 years, so this was not a simple war it was series of wars simply concatenated in one. Surprising data from China, they were able to kill 5-15% of world population three times during medieval. They didn’t have atomic bomb, Ebola, chemical poisons and they did this. If you ever read something about China history you that it is one of the best organized society in the world (take a look at great wall). First administration exams, wheel base (width of road), language was standardized over 2k years ago. Very good organization of the state. So biggest wars and most killed battles came from well organized strong state. If you want peace you don’t need “New World Order” or “World Government” you need weak state with power distributed to locally living people. Let them decide if they want conflict with town or village near them. Or maybe better live in peace, trade freely and make world better. Centralized systems are slow, inefficient and cost a lot. Distributed systems are those in which life of one man is important.