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Ideas for development

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All the time come to my mind new ideas about what could be added to the blog and what information to post. I’m interested in so many things that many of the ideas are killed before reaching the plane of the keyboard and has no chance to be introduced even as a draft to the blog. It seems that for myself I should store ideas for development in order to easily return to them when ripe.

  1. I want occasionally write something about the commodity markets, however, I’m interested in it very briefly, because only about a year it seems to me that sometimes I have something to say.
  2. I begin learning about the UEFI environment and, therefore, that I am an advocate of freedom in the broad sense of the word, I would like to refer to this solution. I also want to understand the advantages and disadvantages of this solution in the context of freedom and relate them to other solutions such as coreboot.
  3. I would also like to implement a section that could be titled “what I’m interested now ?”, “what I read now?” and “what was last seen?”

I would like to set a specific time for blogging during the week, what with certainty contribute to faster realization of these ideas.