Piotr Kleinschmidt

Junior Firmware Engineer interested mostly in the embedded world and automatics. Likes when things work his way, but if there is an issue to debug and analysis - he faces it.

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TrenchBoot: Open Source DRTM. GRUB's new features and TPM event log.

Published at July 3, 2020 ·  16 min read

This blog post will show you what features we have added to GRUB and why they are useful from user's point of view. Also, there will be shown how to utilize TPM event logs and hence debug DRTM....

Categories: firmware security

TrenchBoot: Open Source DRTM. CI/CD system.

Published at May 5, 2020 ·  6 min read

How to improve development and validation process in our project? Automation? Of course! Let us introduce our CI/CD system. Find out how it actually works and what advantages it has....

Categories: firmware security

TrenchBoot: Open Source DRTM. DRTM update and meta-trenchboot implementation

Published at April 30, 2020 ·  11 min read

Another release brings new updates in our Open Source DRTM project. Except for code changes, we have prepared our custom Linux image with DRTM. Also we set up CI/CD system for automation build and test. Read this article if you want to find out more details....

Categories: firmware security

TrenchBoot: Open Source DRTM. Landing Zone validation.

Published at April 3, 2020 ·  25 min read

When you already know what is TrenchBoot, what is DRTM and how we enable it on AMD processors, we can move on to practice. I will show you how to configure all components and verify first of project's requirements....

Categories: firmware security

TrenchBoot - Open Source DRTM for AMD processors. Project's basics.

Published at March 31, 2020 ·  11 min read

This is the first blog post of TrenchBoot series. It will introduce you to the project, its structure and environment. Additionally the reader will find out more about each component, how to setup the environment and configure the build....

Categories: firmware security

Open Source DRTM with TrenchBoot for AMD processors. Introduction.

Published at March 28, 2020 ·  4 min read

This article starts an entire series of articles related to title project. By reading this blog post, you will find out why we have started such project and who is supporting us. Also, we bring you closer to main concept and goals....

Categories: firmware security

pfSense firewall boot process optimization under Xen hypervisor. Part 2

Published at December 13, 2019 ·  10 min read

In previous article we introduce our implementation of pfSense under Xen. Now, we want to show how you can improve boot process and reduce virtualized pfSense boot time to minimum....

Categories: firmware os-dev

pfSense firewall boot process optimization under Xen hypervisor. Part 1

Published at November 6, 2019 ·  5 min read

Running applications in Virtual Machines is not a trivial task. We made such pfSense firewall implementation. That article is an introduction about what we made and what actual goals we set to improve its performance....

Categories: firmware os-dev